1990 - Lefkada Island, Greece

The wind goes toward the south, and turns around to the north; The wind whirls about continually, and comes again on its circuit.

Extention for fire compliance

Mr Voukelatos requests that Leichhardt Council allow a time extension to carry out certain work related to fire safety compliance in the coffee lounge area.

10.12.90 Mr Voukelatos to Leichhardt GG 1, 291

“I refer to your letter dated 24 September 1990 according me as the Owner of the above mentioned building to carry out certain work in the coffee lounge area related to fire safety to comply with the local Government Act 1919, section 317 D.

The said letter refers to a period of 90 days however I would like to request an extension of time for the work to be carried out. The reasons for the request are that on 8 October 1990 I departed Australia and do not expect to return in the immediate future. My absence has made it difficult to obtain quotes from tradesmen and I have been relying on my sister to organize quotes. In addition my financial position is not good following rectification of the front wall of the shop in September/October. The fire safety work will cost approx $4000. I trust you will look upon this request favorably a grant an extension of a further 90 days for the work to be completed. I await your response to the abovementioned address.”

Lefkada Island, Greece

On 8 October 1990, Mr and Mrs Voukelatos depart Australia and are not expected to return in the immediate future.