From the Holly Land

I'm sorry. I learn to know that I know nothing, nothing matter nor 1 thing is personal, and yet, again and again, which was washed will come back for what goes around comes around. Dear Sydney1 tricky kiss, double-cross merits - 7 years conviction each, altogether 14 no-easy years, and soon your one-offspring.

Home Blessing
Let no sadness come through this gate. 
Let no trouble come to this dwelling. 
Let no fear come through this door.
Let no conflict be in this place. 
Let this home be filled with the blessing of joy and peace.
Amen may it be will 

Diaspora 2012-2028

Jewish Home Fusion

Metta Sutta

Holding no more to wrong beliefs,
With virtue and vision of the ultimate,

And having overcome all sensual desire,
Never in a womb is he born again.