They learn war anymore

A butt I came, Petitstic I am, and Bumper I shall return. Ya Elohim, keep me alive so long as living is good for me, and cause me to die when death is good for me. I want to be buried in Kelem.thmy watch. 

My space - My face

My space is an honest place. It faces me every day.

It has one entrance for hope the other for solitude.

The walls are wet with my tears and bare like soul body; the reflection of memories passing through arched in, destined to live within, born in the womb of mother darkness.

My place is not so bad.

I speak to it, echoes thundering, the mind seeing all, repeating it, quoting mosaic passages with alarming prophecy.

The naked truth facing the train of thoughts. I was born to live in this space, a meager existence, tough mighty soul.

I chose this existence, a defying space.

My space is an honest place. It faces me every night.

Hakol Letova (My Friend Rafi 2010)

To Amir

Self in Exile

Mushroom Tunnel, Picton, NSW (Samuel Campbell 2010)