12. 2012 - DIAC: A gentleman

I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person thenx

26.09.12 - DIAC to AB

This email is to remind you that I have scheduled an interview for you today.

As advised in my letter of 10/09/2012, please ensure you attend this office at 3pm.

The address is Level 3, 26 Lee Street, Sydney.

If you do not attend this interview, I may make a decision on your application bases on the information already provided by you.

Your sincerely,

Vincent Tysoe
Case Officer
Department of Immigration and Citizenship

26.09.12 - AB to DIAC

Thank you and I will be there at 3pm.


31.10.12 - DIAC to AB


Dear Mr Bodenstein, 

I am writing in regard to your application for a Protection visa and my interview with you on 26/09/2012.

As discussed at interview, you mentioned that your mother, Batya Lofianski, may have citizenship of Lithuania. 

It is possible that if your mother is considered to be a citizen of Lithuania, you may also be considered to be a citizen of Lithuania under that country’s citizenship laws or at least able to apply for such a right.

In order for me to determine your entitlement to Lithuanian citizenship, it would be appreciated if you could provide the following information:

1.       Evidence of your mother’s citizenship of Lithuania such as a passport or any other documentation held that indicates she was resident in Lithuania and held citizenship prior to her leaving Lithuania;

2.       The date she left Lithuania and her reason for leaving; &

3.       The date she acquired citizenship of Israel

Please forward this documentation to me at the Department’s office at Level 3, 26 Lee Street, Sydney.  

Upon receipt of this information, I will be able to consider your application for protection further. 

I can be contacted on telephone 02 8862 6581 if you wish to speak with me about this matter.

Yours sincerely,  

Vincent Tysoe

Case Officer

Onshore Protection NSW

Department of Immigration and Citizenship


05.11.12 - DIAC to AB

Dear MR Vincent,

1. My Phone is 0415 247 360.

2. My Mother date of birth is 8 July 1929 - Kelmė, Lithuania.

3. I am working on the requirements and will keep you posted.

Thank you for being an officer and a gentlemen!