05.03.14 - Life Certificate

Re: Help!

Dear Ezra,

1. Please find attached the up to date Life Verification, signed at Sydney by a Justice of the Peace, a copy of which was sent today via post to the Israeli Embassy at Canberra, Australia.

2. I was not fully aware of my duty to resend my Life Verification every year and neither my wife nor I, received any notice regarding this renewal requirement, while our address for any communication remained the same as before (also as for the last and only Life Verification till now).

3. Attached is a letter from Tel Aviv Council addressed to my wife, which states that it would cancel the discount on the Council Tax of my family residential address, because I don't appear any more in the Ministry of Security as eligible for a disability pension benefits.

4. Attached is a letter from the Israeli Broadcasting Authority on this matter, and it seems that my disability pension benefits were cut, which might had lead to the cancellation of my family's membership of the Combat House (Beit-Halohem) as this benefit money was transferred directly to cover this membership cost. 

5. It would be most appreciated if you would assist me to rectify the standing issues with the Tel Aviv Council, as well as with the Israeli Broadcasting Authority, the transfer of money to the Combat House for membership already owed and updating any other body that could been affected by my Renewed Life Verification.

Your help would be most helpful,
Thank you,
Amir Bodenstein