1990 - The front wall is unsound

One generation passes away, and another generation comes; But the earth abides forever.

The front wall be replaced

Mr Voukelatos commissions Structural Engineer James Taylor & Associates who report that the front wall is unstable and recommend that the wall be demolished and replaced.

13.09.89 Mr Stenning to Mr Voukelatos GD 1, 285

“James Taylor & Associates Civil & Structural Consulting Engineer

The above property was inspected in the company of Mr Zois Voukelatos following discussion with Mr Josef Mazza.”

“Concern has been raised regarding the condition of the front wall, which from internal measurement and observation from street, appear to be leaning outwards at the top by approxtamantly 55 mm.

In its present state the wall and is unstable.

It is recommended that rectification of the existing wall is not feasible because of the need to re-align it to vertical, before any stabilizing measure could be taken. We therefore recommend that the existing wall be demolished and replaced, and suggest that a builder is contacted to furnish you with inductive pricing for this work.”   

The front wall is unsound

Mr Voukelatos lodges a D.A. for demolishing and rebuilding the front wall that is structurally unsound and a month later the Council approves his D.A.

22.06.90, Development Application *DC 1-2, 149-50

“Existing front wall to be demolished and new brick wall to be erected in its place to original conditions

“Current use: sandwich shop/café on ground floor & residence above”

24.07.90 Municipal Town Planers’ Report GE 1-4, 286-9

“Estimated value of work: $12,000”

“The proposal is to rebuild the front wall of the building to its original condition. The applicant has submitted that the front wall is structurally unsound as evidenced by extensive cracking on the front elevation.”