05.07.13 - SCJ Joseph Campbell

I'm mad. 

06.06.13 - Defense HopeStreet

Justice Campbell

17.06.13 - Notice of Motion

1                           The plaintiff be referred to the pro bono panel pursuant UCPR 7.36.

2                           A substituted and informal service on the second defendant pursuant UCPR 10.14. 

17.06.13 - Affidavit

I affirm that:

1                         I am the plaintiff.

2                          Soon after the alleged imputations of January 2012, I held few meetings with the Homeless Legal Service                        requesting their assistance, me stating to the effect of: "this matter is about my core justice right".

3                          The Homeless Legal Service replied to the effect of: "defamations claims are out off our assistance                                guidelines".

4                           In the last few weeks, I approached again the Homeless Legal Service requesting their assistance, me asking                to the effect of: "is it possible for me to be assisted just with a notice of motion regarding a substituted                          service and a referral to the pro bono panel by the Court".

5                           At a later meeting with the Homeless Legal Service, I requested to the effect of: "may I get some thing in                        writing regarding my conduct with your organisation to show to the Court my attempts to get legal                          assistance".

6                          The Homeless Legal Service replied to the effect that was not clear to me.

7                          On the date which I serviced the statement of claim on the first defendant, I handed over two copies to Mr                      Ken, whom is one of the first dependent employees, saying to the effect of: "I have to serve on you George's                  copy because I don't know where he is exactly in Leichhardt".

8                           Mr Ken replied to the effect of: "I don't think that there should be a problem".

05.07.13 - Justice Campbell