1999 - Sydney 2000

We went into the land to which you sent us, and it does flow with milk and honey! Here is its fruit. x


I am an entrepreneurial with expertise and experience in the building and food trades. I met Rachel in 1984 and we began a close relationship in 1987 when we managed together a pub in our university campus. 

In 1988 I graduated from Ben-Gurion University with a degree in Economics and Management. My Partner is an optical technician by profession but her expertise is in marketing and managing small business. In 1990 we travelled in Canada and the U.S. where my brother lives and in 1991 my Partner and I studied Entrepreneurship and Start-Up at Tefen College, Israel.

From 1993 to 1995 I worked as a manager at Pioneer Concrete Israel and Rachel worked in the hospitality industry as a restaurant manager. In 1995 I became general manager and my partner joined me as marketing and administration manager of Dovlar Material Systems. The company specializes in supplying the building trade with special paint finishes and acoustic solutions being the official representative in Israel of six international companies. By 1999 we had secured and completed some of the biggest and most lucrative special finishes and acoustic projects in Israel.

In 1996 I met Mr Evos Primost and over the next two years we shared a few small business ventures. I supplied him with special coating materials imported from the US and he shared his painting and materials knowledge with me. Evos is an artist with a unique talent in design, materials and colours as well as qualifications as a draughtsman. He holds a British passport and he practiced his skills in Israel, Italy, UK and Australia becoming an expert in special paint finishes. Evos is four years younger then me and he and his Italian born wife Emanuella had two young daughters at the time.   
In March 1998 it became clear to us that Sydney, Australia offered the best opportunities for our combined expertise. It took us five months to finalize a concept and business plan and by August 1998 we created a 50/50 partnership. We met with leading special paint manufacturers in Italy, England and Israel and we were subsequently granted the distribution rights in Australia by the Italian company, Spatula Stucchi and the Israeli company, Nadir.

MPSA Pty Ltd

Morden Paint was to be a marketing platform for special paint finishes and the main objectives of the business
plan were:
a. Apply special finishes in prestige projects by Morden staff.
b. Sell and distribute imported paint finishes to trades people.
c. Provide training to trades people of new techniques of Morden paint finishes.
In 1999-2000 Morden Paint completed several prestigious projects such as the lobby and restaurant of the Park Hyatt Hotel at the Rocks and it had become recognized as a leading special paint company by designers, architects and the painting trade.  
In 2000 Morden Paint had completed the Ledgerwood Residence Project that won the Master Painter Association Award for Excellence in Decorative Finishes.
1999 - 21 June 1999 I came to Sydney for the first time for a two-week visit and stayed in a hotel in Mortlake, Concord near the company premises.

A kiss

Paris - Italy

During that visit Morden Paint took part in Inter-Build, the annual building exhibition at Darling Harbor Exhibition Centre
23 March 2000 - 19 May 2000 I returned to Sydney for a second time for a period of two months. On my departure at Sydney Airport, I knelled to the terminal floor and gave it a kiss*